Giving Thanks For Nurses and Nursing, The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 84

I recently wrote a blog post on Digital Doorway in which I expressed gratitude for being a nurse, for my nursing career, and for those of you who are part of my world. As challenging and frustrating as nursing can … Continue reading

Building Your Nursing Career House, The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 83

As a nurse, the house of your nursing career must stand on a solid foundation; once that foundation has been laid, your career can be built in the form of any structure you see fit. How are you building the … Continue reading

Nurse Iconoclasts And Deviating From The Norm, The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 82

Here on episode 82 of The Nurse Keith Show, we expand upon the notion of owning your own genius as a nursing professional that was discussed on episode 81. This is about being a nurse iconoclast, breaking the mold, going … Continue reading

Own Your Genius, Nurses! The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 81

Back on October 24th of 2016, I published a blog post entitled, “Genius is Relative, Nurses!” I wrote that blog post because so many nurses seem to feel “less than”, diminished by the fact that they don’t have this or … Continue reading