Fees and Packages

Why not start with a complimentary strategy session?

Every prospective coaching client receives a complimentary 30-minute initial strategy session with me, either by Skype or phone. This conversation allows us to get to know one another, assess your needs, and introduce my coaching style and approach. If we agree that it is indeed a good “fit”, we discuss scheduling, payment, and make an initial agreement about our new coaching relationship.


My career coaching isn’t “cookie-cutter”; there are, of course, certain areas of career development that I address with most clients, but you have the power to guide our relationship and what we address during the course of our work together. 

No matter what your needs are vis-a-vis your nursing career, we can create a relationship that is empowering, forward-thinking, and focused on you!

Custom coaching packages:

If you specifically desire coaching regarding nurse entrepreneurship and business, podcasting, writing and blogging, savvy networking, wellness, burnout prevention or recovery, or some other aspect of professional development, I’ll create a custom package just for you! Feel free to email me to explain your desired area of focus. Most custom coaching packages will be modeled on the plans listed below in terms of the number of sessions and other basic logistics.


Nurse Keith’s Career Empowerment Program:

Nurse Keith is here for youIn my Nurse Career Empowerment Program, I offer a holistic process of self-assessment, personal career diagnosis, the creation of a career trajectory plan, specific interventions to activate that plan, and an evaluation and re-evaluation process for the chosen course of action. Sound familiar? The nursing process is the perfect vehicle for assessing your career, and changing it for the better!

Nurse Career Empowerment Plan A:

In this plan, we assess the current state of your career, using written self-assessment tools and an initial coaching conversation to elucidate the deeper truths. Plan A involves  fewer conversations, and a larger amount of self-guided assessment and introspective homework than the other plans. This plan is for the motivated individual who just needs a little push and can provide a fair amount of self-accountability.

In this process, we will diagnose the state of your career, create personalized career goals, and manifest a plan for the rejuvenation of your career. You leave with clear steps in place for the achievement of your goals, including:

  • feedback on your resume and cover letter.
  • a written guide for strengthening your Linked In profile.
  • a plan for career growth and enhancement.
  • suggestions for the improvement and sharpening of your career development skills, including online and in-person networking, interviewing, and follow-up.
  • other aspects of career-building or support that are most important to you.

You have access to limited prn email feedback from me throughout the course of our collaboration.

This package is 4 weeks in duration, and includes two one-hour coaching calls. All calls must be completed by the end of the 4-week period.

Investment in your career satisfaction and success: $449


Nurse Career Empowerment Plan B:

Includes the steps of Plan A, plus…..

We move together through career interventions that we create as a team, engaging in further conversations as you activate those interventions and make them real in your life. Together, we create a clear vision for your nursing career, addressing what’s most salient for you right now.

You receive expert, hands-on guidance in the strengthening of your Linked In profile, resume, cover letters and other career development skills that are salient for you.

You have access to prn email feedback from me throughout the course of our collaboration, and for one month following the completion of our work together.

This package is 8-9 weeks in duration, and includes four one-hour coaching calls. All calls must be completed within the 9-week period, so use them wisely!

Investment in your career satisfaction and success: $829


Nurse Career Empowerment Plan C:

Includes all of the steps of Plans A and B, plus…..

As your interventions manifest various results, we evaluate those results, reevaluate the interventions that we have put in place, and work together closely to further sharpen and hone a plan that will allow you the greatest possible results.

You receive expert guidance on strengthening the skills that have the power to yield the results you desire.

You have access to unlimited prn email feedback from me throughout the course of our collaboration, and for two months following the completion of our work together.

This package is 8-10 weeks in duration, and includes 6 one-hour coaching calls, plus brief prn “spot coaching” calls when you need a little boost. All 6 calls must be completed within the 10-week period, with an extra 1- or 2-week grace period at my discretion.

Investment in your career satisfaction and success: $1275


Email-based Coaching Plan:

Nurse Keith Coaching laptop

If you’re wanting accountability to follow through on your career goals and don’t feel the need for a fancy coaching package, this plan may work perfectly for you!

In my new email-based coaching plan, you pay a monthly retainer in order to have relatively unlimited access to me for advice, support, and accountability. Following an initial 45-minute telephone consultation in which we agree on your goals and general course of action to achieve them, we are regularly in touch by email each week in service to your success.

Investment: Initial fee of $175 for first month, and $150 per month thereafter. A 10% discount is offered for payments of three months or more.


Mastery!My LinkedIn Profile Makeover Program:

My LinkedIn Profile Makeover process includes two 60-minute coaching calls in which we focus on your profile, maximizing it for visibility and professional presentation of your skills, experience, gifts, and assets. In between those calls, we collaborate via email to hone and sharpen the language and information you’re utilizing in your profile. You walk away with a professional profile that is everything you need it to be.

You will learn to:

  • Maximize your profile, including the all-important summary
  • Create your own vanity url for your LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how to optimize your use of keywords to enhance your profile’s visibility.
  • Understand the account settings that greatly improve your LinkedIn experience.
  • Learn basic navigation of the LinkedIn platform.
  • Understand how creating a robust online professional network will serve your career for years to come.
  • Gain confidence in your online networking skills and capabilities.

Investment in your successful networking and professional development: $299


My LinkedIn Super-User Coaching Program:

My LinkedIn Super-User Coaching Program takes you from having a powerful and effective profile to learning how to use LinkedIn like a pro. We work together over four 45-minute coaching calls, helping you to learn and integrate the many networking and technical skills that take your LinkedIn use from novice to expert!

This program includes:

  • A complete LinkedIn Profile Makeover, plus……..
  • Learning how to search for kindred spirits and colleagues, inviting them to connect through authentic, personalized invitations.
  • Adopting skills for deepening your connections with like-minded professionals.
  • Understanding strategies for meeting with LinkedIn connections when traveling away from home.
  • Learning useful online networking skills.
  • Understanding how to authentically build relationships.
  • Learning how to be a dynamic member of LinkedIn groups.
  • Mastering the skills of creating your own groups and discussions.
  • Understanding how to ask for recommendations and endorsements in order to increase your credibility.
  • Receiving the benefit of my many hours of learning the internal ropes of the LinkedIn platform.
  • Leveraging your online network in the interests of your career development

Investment in your successful networking and professional development: $499


A la carte coaching is $175 per session, with limited email follow-up for seven days.

Santa Fe Coaching Intensive: If you’d like to spend a few days in beautiful Santa Fe, we can arrange for face-to-face coaching in my office on consecutive days for an intensive coaching retreat in one of the most intriguing cities in the United States! I will also assist you in arranging lodging in “The City Different”! Click here for more information!

Referrals: I appreciate your referrals, since word of mouth from satisfied clients are the key to reaching more nurses with the power of coaching. If you refer an individual who pays for at least one coaching session, I will offer you a free 30-minute coaching session as my way of saying thank you for your support.



My coaching sessions are conducted by phone or Skype.

Payments are processed via invoices sent from Square, and all major credit cards are accepted. Paypal can be used if preferred. Alternative arrangements can be made, including personal checks.

I accept applications for discounted coaching on a prn basis, for one client at a time, for a period of one month. To be placed on the waiting list and receive an application, please email keith@nursekeith.com.

New Mexico residents will be charged the current Santa Fe County Gross Receipts Tax.

Gift certificates are available upon request.