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The following are health and wellness resources that I’ve personally vetted and chosen to share with you, my community. If you have feedback for me about the quality of any of these offerings, please email me at I’m committed to providing you with the finest resources possible in the interest of your health, and your feedback assists me in doing just that!


Max International and Glutathione


I’m a representative and distributor for Max International, The Glutathione Company. Their flagship product, Cellgevity, has truthfully changed my life and my health, and my desire is to share my story and experience with others who are equally committed to their health and well-being.


Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant, and in this world that’s rife with pollution, chemicals, and other physiological insults, making sure your body can fight those irritants and carcinogens is key. Cellgevity contains a patented molecule that exponentially boosts your body’s ability produce glutathione, something that is especially important as we age (since our glutathione production decreases with every passing year.)

If you’d like to experience improved health on many levels, let me know, and we can hop on the phone or Skype and discuss Cellgevity and other Max products, including the products that I swear by on a daily basis.

And for those of you seeking to create multiple streams of income or launch an entrepreneurial venture as a nurse, becoming a Max distributor is neither expensive nor difficult to initiate.

Feel free to reach out to me about Max, Cellgevity, and glutathione, and I’d love to chat with you about it. You can also visit my Max International page for more information.



Annette Tersigni, also known as The Yoga Nurse, is committed to providing nurses with the tools to heal both themselves and others by combining the science and art of nursing with the science and art of yoga. Annette’s YogaNurse Training is a powerful means to that end. Check out her Yoga Nursing Essentials digital training!


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