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~Savvy Networking For Nurses~

In September of 2015, Keith published his first book, “Savvy Networking For Nurses: Getting Connected (and Staying Connected) in the 21st Century.” The book was revised in 2017 with an updated chapter on LinkedIn. 

Savvy Networking For Nurses book coverSavvy Networking for Nurses” is all about building the optimal career for yourself through intelligent, authentic networking. In this book, readers learn why networking is an important 21st-century skill, and how to go about it with enthusiasm and sincerity. Building a professional network doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a steady, ongoing, and consistent process that reaps many rewards for professional nurses willing to invest their time in this worthwhile pursuit.

A robust professional network is your own personal brain trust of information, connections, and expertise; creating such a brain trust couldn’t be a more savvy thing to do in the interest of your nursing career. On this journey with well-known holistic career coach, nurse writer, blogger, and podcaster Keith Carlson, you will understand the importance of online and face-to-face networking, and how and why to develop your own personal brand.

Savvy Networking for Nurses” is for you and your career. Read it, follow the advice herein, and build the network your career deserves!

~Aspire to be Inspired~

Aspire To Be Inspired Keith’s second book, “Aspire to be Inspired: Creating a Nursing Career That Matters“, was released in September of 2017. This new publication is a collection of 18 essays meant to inspire nurses to greater heights of self-care, professional mastery, and personal fulfillment.

Aspire to Be Inspired captures the spirit of nursing and highlights the tremendous value nurses possess. With multiple perspectives, Keith gives voice to empowering nurses to take their knowledge and experience and express it in work they love. The section ‘Your Nursing Career and a Latte’ beautifully describes the development of our nursing journey and left me wanting to read more. For nurses that feel stuck or wish to take their careers to the next level, Nurse Keith can help and this book is for you!” — Michelle Podlesni, RN, President of the National Nurses in Business Association (

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Here’s what people are saying about “Savvy Networking For Nurses“:

Written by a beloved nurse coach, consultant, blogger, author, radio show host and RN, this book is a gem. Nurse Keith certainly knows the ropes of networking and the value of relationships in connecting. He offers insightful strategies and tips to help the novice networker to even the seasoned professional. Keith writes with enthusiasm and a friendly tone, making this book not only a pleasure to read but a bona fide treasure of valuable information. He emphasizes the value of giving as well as receiving while establishing relationships in one’s network. The integrity and authenticity he writes about comes from someone who lives those principles. Highly recommended. And not just for nurses.”
—Martine Ehrenclou, Bestselling author

Keith has been an entrepreneurial nurse leader supporting our profession through his unique brand of kindness and practical wisdom for years. Keith has grown his own business and now shares what he has learned with us. I have not doubt this book will be a top shelf favorite for many nurses committed to a growth mindset. Bravo!”
—Camille Adair, RN

This is a must-read for nurses who want pro tips on networking from a master networker. It’s even more of a must-read for nurses who do not yet know they need to network and brand themselves. I’m a seasoned nurse with social media experience, but I had to read to find out if I’m a Connector, a Shallow Networker, or a Pollinator.”
—Beth Hawkes, Nurse author

Keith Carlson is the master of networking. He understands that while networking via social media and at live events, it’s the relationships you build that matter most. In this book, he provides the reader with a roadmap for smart networking to advance your nursing career, build robust relationships, and grow your potential. A must read for new or experienced nurses!”
—Renee Thompson, Nurse author, speaker, and educator

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