The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 3: Networking Savvy

In Episode 3 of “The Nurse Keith Show”, holistic career coach Keith Carlson of discusses the crucial importance of professional networking for all nurses, whether they’re nursing students, novice nurses, or seasoned professionals.

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Keith contends that online and face-to-face networking skills should be developed and maintained throughout your career, and that building a robust professional network is a key to success. Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are discussed as social media platforms where many nurses connect with one another, and strategies for creating dynamic connections are discussed.

When you develop authentic, symbiotic relationships with a growing cohort of like-minded nursing and healthcare professionals in your industry, you’ll be able to tap the expertise and collective genius of that network when you need it most. Meanwhile, networking is always a two-way street, thus being a professional who gives to and supports others is another way to promote and build long-term positive relationships with other nurses and professionals.

If you want to have the most satisfying career possible, a powerful professional network is an important aspect of your career that should be conscientiously tended on a daily basis.

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Nurse Keith photoKeith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC, is the Board Certified Nurse Coach behind and the well-known blog, Digital Doorway.

Keith is co-host of, a wildly popular nursing podcast; he also hosts The Nurse Keith Show, his own podcast focused on career advice and inspiration for nurses. Keith is also the resident nursing career expert at

A widely published nurse writer, Keith is the author of “Savvy Networking For Nurses: Getting Connected and Staying Connected in the 21st Century.” He has also contributed chapters to a number of books related to the nursing profession, and currently writes for MultiViews New Service,, StaffGarden, and Working Nurse Magazine.

Mr. Carlson brings a plethora of experience as a nurse thought leader, online nurse personality, holistic career coach, writer, and well-known successful nurse entrepreneur.



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