I found Keith Carlson’s coaching service through his blog, Digital Doorway. I am a hospice nurse, and I was completely burned out, both from my difficult job and from the dysfunction of management in my company.

“I contacted Keith online and set up a free first coaching session. From the very beginning, he was so understanding and helpful because he is a nurse, too. He skillfully managed to reframe my thinking over the course of seven telephone sessions, both supporting me and challenging me, and all for a very reasonable fee. With his help, I found my power to set boundaries with management; he gave me techniques to alleviate the feeling of helplessness, both at work and with my family.

“Keith is very flexible with scheduling, even though we live across the country from each other. I highly recommend his services, and I am saving my last session for when I need a booster shot!”

Karen, RN
Richmond, VA


“Keith is a sensitive soul who has the ability to empower others to be and feel empowered to create their highest vision. His podcasts are a great service to nurses, because they are tiny chunks of inspiration that one can take with them wherever they go. Thank you, Keith.”

Elissa Menasse, RN
New York, NY


Keith’s LinkedIn guide really helped me expand my profile and use LinkedIn to its highest potential. He helped me understand how to present myself in a professional way online. He also gave me great feedback on my resume during a 30 minute phone call as part of his career coaching package. I will definitely tell my nurse friends to reach out to Keith for career coaching, resume help, and getting creative ideas for growing their careers! His podcasts are a great resource too! Thanks Keith!”

Julia Reich, RN, BSN
New York, NY


“I am not sure words are adequate to describe what “Coach Keith” has given me in terms of encouragement, a balanced viewpoint of the nursing field, hope, and resources. I learned of Keith Carlson while researching what employers expect of new graduate nurses, as I was very discouraged about my employment situation and felt unprepared to work as a nurse, and I had even questioned my choice to work in the profession.

“When I reached out to him, his response was quick, welcoming, and open-minded. He offered a complimentary 30-minute telephone conversation to explore my situation. Afterwards he explained what he could provide, allowing me to determine if I thought he could be of help to me.

“After our session, I said, ‘Wow! Your words were like water to my soul,’ and that is precisely what they were. The wisdom, experience, and direction he shared were invaluable and were just what I needed to move forward in a positive and new direction.

“His insight as a nurse is priceless. Shortly after our first conversation, he wrote the article about the ‘soft landing for new nurses’, which is often needed for new graduates. I immediately shared the article with the dean and several professors from my nursing school, two HR departments, and two floor managers in local hospitals.

“I consider Keith a necessary resource as a professional nurse and look forward to the guidance I will be able to receive in different chapters of my nursing career as well as being able to refer him to others in our profession.”

Michele, RN, BSN
Dallas, Texas


I was contemplating a change and found Keith through a general internet search. After listening to his podcasts I was grateful for the 30-minute complimentary session with him. The brainstorming we did was a blast! Within two weeks, the gears were in motion and I had a job offer I never expected. Keith’s guidance and networking coaching were instrumental in landing my new job!”

Beth Forristall, RN, BSN, OCN
Minneapolis, MN


“If anyone is reading this because you are wondering whether you should contact Nurse Keith for career advice, I strongly recommend that you do it! I was on the fence not so long ago. I had gone back to school in midlife to get my BSN because I thought nursing would be a good fit for me. Nursing school was challenging but not overly so. I enjoyed it and did well. I was expecting smooth sailing as I began my first nursing job in a large hospital, but the waters were rough and things did not go well. My disappointment was deep and I was on the edge of walking away from nursing, but a little voice told me to look for help. It didn’t take long for my Google search for “nursing career coach” to turn up Nurse Keith.

“Keith provided a sympathetic ear and a calm voice of reason. His wealth of experience was reassuring and his positive attitude was motivating. I wasn’t the first person to experience these things, he said. He had heard a similar story many times. He offered support and reassurance, and helped me make a plan. Then he helped me execute the plan. And it worked! I am settled now in my second nursing job and enjoying it.

“Keith is life coach, career coach, and experienced nurse all in one package. There are certain special people as you travel through life who have an outsized impact on your journey. Keith is one of those people. He helped me navigate a difficult fork in the road and I will be forever grateful. Thank you Keith!”

Janet D
St. Louis, MO


I have been a nurse, LPN, RN, FNP, for 40 plus years. It has been such a pleasure to see and hear Nurse Keith and his incredible passion for nursing. This commitment and love is so inspirational. Nursing is one of the truly noble professions, and Keith helps to keep that spirit of nobility and caring so very much alive. He is a wonderful inspiration and a great cheerleader for the nursing profession. We are so lucky to have somebody like Nurse Keith Carlson.”

Dr.T. Namaya, MIA, MSN, FNP, D.SCI
Brattleboro, VT


Keith has been coaching me for the past 2 years. He has been very instrumental in gently guiding me to make choices that have improved my life. He is a man of integrity and talent. He has the perfect experience and education to work with nurses in all aspects of their lives. I highly recommend Keith for any type of coaching you may need.”

Valerie Macklem,BA, CPLC
San Diego, CA


Keith is a thoughtful, caring human, what is known as a mensch. He is a deep listener, and he has wide knowledge and experience as a nurse. He brings to his profession an integrity and compassion that others would like to emulate. The world is a richer place for his presence.”

Richard Sober
Austin, TX


I have been in the coaching business for the past 25 years and I can immediately tell when someone possesses both the skills and personal attributes to be a truly remarkable coach and Keith possesses it all in abundance. It was clear to me from the moment that Keith introduced himself that he was a man of compassion, authenticity, conviction, kindness and caring on the deepest level. I highly recommend Keith to anyone seeking someone to be their partner on the journey to personal and professional growth and success.”

Harry E. Shade
Columbus, OH


As a new graduate, I felt intimidated by the prospect of interviewing for my first position as an RN, thus I sought Keith’s coaching services to help me prepare for interviews. We did a mock interview that included some of the most common questions asked during the hiring process. He helped me build my confidence, giving me useful feedback on how to approach the questions.

“I’m very thankful for Keith’s coaching, and I was offered an RN position shortly after our session. I appreciated his empathetic attitude and support to a new RN entering the profession, and I plan to contact him again during my first year as a pediatric RN.”

Valerie Noce, RN
Houston, TX


Keith’s attention to detail on every project is remarkable. He not only listens to the clients we’re working with on various projects, but he really does have a gift in framing the conversation in a way that takes the client’s thought process to another level while still achieving the same goal.

“As a mentor, he’s always striving for excellence with each client. He wants to make certain that each individual he works with is given the attention to detail they so deserve. Without a doubt Keith has his client’s best interest at heart and a finger on the pulse of what they need to build their success.”

Kevin Ross, RN, BSN
Boulder, CO


Keith is a great coach! He goes out of his way to squeeze you into his schedule. He is an expert and knows what he’s talking about. He is a great listener, and provides excellent service. He addresses any concerns you may have. Thank you, Keith!”

Janet Nguyen, RN, BSN, PHN
Orange County, CA


 I had never given much thought or importance to the content of my Linked In profile. Keith’s suggestions and recommendations make a big difference. After two sessions with Keith, my Linked In profile has a totally new look and is getting more attention from my connections and others that want to connect.”’

Earl Hilchey, Architect
Santa Fe, NM


“I purchased my copy of Savvy Networking For Nurses, and had my first coaching session yesterday with Nurse Keith Coaching! Keith guided me as a new graduate to create a sense of direction and purpose as I launch out into the field. Each day will be lived influenced by short/long term goals, and a vision/mission with strategies that will help me to develop and expand on my personal brand! Thank you also to The Nurse Keith Show Podcast for additional resourceful information that will help me to stay on track!”

Sandra Campbell, RVN
Toronto, Ontario, Canada